What services do you offer?

Our specialist area is aerial property marketing. We use the latest drone technology to capture stunning shots.

We offer services for both residential and commercial property which includes photography al the way through to fully edited promotional videos.

Do you have permission to fly commercially?

Yes. We have a permission for the UK Civil Aviation Authority to fly drones for commercial purposes.

As a result we regularly have to keep up to date with the latest regulations regarding air law and safety.

Are you insured?

Yes we have public liability insurance for all our jobs. There is an inherent risk to drone operations and although extremely unlikely we are fully insured incase of an incident.

Are there any jobs you can't agree to do?

In certain situations it will not be possible to use drone technology – in most cases this is down to safety and permissions.

If for example the proposed job is in a crowded area and we cannot cordon off an area big enough to keep a safe distance from people, then the job cannot go ahead.

Similarly if the job is in a Flight Restriction Zone (FRZ) we will need to obtain permission.

All this will be assessed for free before we agree to any jobs.

How much do you charge?

The minimum we charge for any job is £150. However most jobs are quoted individually as each one is unique and will have specific requirements of us.

We can be hired for a one off project or multiple projects.